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A Bath Painter's Travels

A Bath Painter's Travels, 2016

3rd December 2016 to 19th February 2017

This is an exhibition of paintings and drawings of Peter's travels to France, Spain, India, Ireland and closer to home: London and Glastonbury Festival based around 86 works of his adopted home city of Bath. The show includes oil paintings, charcoal drawings and works on paper.

Gallery: Victoria Art Gallery, Bath

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Peter Brown: Paintings of London

Peter Brown: Paintings of London, 2016

13th January to 12th February 2016

Peter's largest show of London paintings to date marking the launch of his London Book. 70 paintings concentrating on Piccadilly and the Westend in sun and rain and Peter's new passion - night. Two centre pieces of Piccadilly Circus are his largest works to date. Many of the paintings in the book feature here.

Gallery: Messum's

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Varanasi, 2015

14th October to 14th November 2015

In February this year Pete, Ken Howard and Patrick Cullen spent just over a week painting in Varanasi. Neale Worley filmed the three of them painting in India's holiest city and the DVD will be launched at the exhibition. Here Pete is showing 24 oils painted over those 7 days alongside the work produced by Ken, Patrick and Neale.

Gallery: Indar Pasricha Fine Arts

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Postcards from Bath

Postcards from Bath, 2014

5th to 7th December 2014

An exhibition by invitation of small oil sketches (postcards) and works on paper in the artist's family home over a weekend in December with homemade mince pies and mulled wine.

Gallery: Combe Park

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London to Paris en Route

London to Paris en Route, 2014

22nd October to 15th November 2014

An exhibition of around 73 canvases of London, Paris, The South Coast of England and the Brittany coast. I am sorry but this exhibition has not yet been uploaded.

Gallery: Messums

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Keeping the Home Fires Burning

Keeping the Home Fires Burning, 2014

8th February to 27th March 2014

This is Peter's 6th one man exhibition at the Victoria Art Gallery in his adopted home city of Bath. Painted over two and a half years the 104 exhibits consisting of oils and drawings demonstrating his enduring love of the place in which he lives.

Gallery: Victoria Art gallery

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Home and Abroad

Home and Abroad, 2013

20th November to 24th December 2013

An exhibition of 182 oil paintings. From the catalogue introduction written by David Mesum: "Most of these are of sites throughout London and the West Country, but several also capture views of Barcelona and the Loire valley. Painted over the better part of two years, all the while making notes of his working methods, the challenges and pitfalls of working en plein-air, his routes and routines, his family life, and his various encounters with people throughout, Pete Brown’s latest collection of work give us wonderful insights into one of Britain’s most talented landscape painters."

Gallery: Messums

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My Indian Travels

My Indian Travels, 2013

8th May to 8th June 2013

In October 2012 Peter was asked by fellow painter and friend Patrick Cullen if he would like to join him and 4 others on a trip to India. Although Peter always prefers to work alone he thought he would give it a go. In February 2012 he joined his colleagues for 6 days. He found it hugely inspirational and a year later returned with 3 of the original group and 3 others this time for two weeks. Fascinated by the life of Udaipur, the 'Lake City' of Rajasthan, he set up in the frenetic city streets painting through the days and enjoying rooftop meals, beer and conversations with his fellow travellers at night. The three weeks he spent there chronicled in the 56 paintings and his sketch book notes culminate in this exhibition and accompanying book "My Indian Travels". A further 10 oils will be shown in a group exhibition with Ken Howard, James Horton, Patrick Cullen and George devlin at the Tryon Gallery from 14th May - 31st May.

Gallery: Messums

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Brown and Corsellis

Brown and Corsellis, 2012

18th August to 8th September 2012

Peter spent a couple of months in the spring and early summer of 2012 exploring new areas of Cardiff - Llandaff, Penarth, Splott, Roath, the Bay, Butetown, out to Barry, Peterstone and further still to Rhosilli on the Gower. 34 small oils.

Gallery: The Albany Gallery

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The Best of British

The Best of British, 2012

30th July to 11th August 2012

To coincide with the olympics in the city Messums are opening their doors to the public showing work by a number of their artists celebrating London past and present. These are the 7 new oils Peter produced inspired by the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Pageant.

Gallery: Messums

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