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Brown's Bath,
The Work of Peter Brown

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Written by Peter Brown and Jonathan Benington


LONDON - A book of paintings by Peter Brown

Publishing December 2015: A celebration of London, captured in paint by Peter Brown. 200 full-colour pages, complete with entertaining anecdotes from the artist. Pre-Order here


Oil Sketches

APV Films Ltd.

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There's No Place Like Home

Directed and edited by Liam Southall
Camera by James Trosh, Toby Dale and Liam Southall


Peter Brown in conversation with Brenda Emmanus

Filmed and edited by David Perella


Pete the Painter

On the 6th January 2010 Bath residents along with people accross the UK woke up to deep snow. As Peter's children discovered they had a day off school he left to paint the winter wonderland. He was filmed by Lee Curran of Molly Films:

Pete the painter shot on a Nikon D3s from Lee Curran on Vimeo.