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‘A Big Year’ Solo Exhibition at Messums London

Exhibition Opened: 28th October 2020
Exhibition Closed: 28th November 2020
Gallery: Messums London –
28 Cork Street, London W1S 3NG

A Big Year‘ documented in 62 paintings the extraordinary spring and summer of 2020; The contrast set in Regents Street’s 2019 Christmas shopping – a world ignorant of the pending pandemic then moving on to the anticipation of the March Lockdown – social distancing and the quietening of the streets of London and Bath. Peter then takes us through his first lockdown experience – the interiors and garden of his Bath home with all its family life – home schooling, cooking and then out on the relaxing of lockdown to the meeting of people again in front of Bath’s Royal Crescent, The packed Beaches on the South coast along with the quieter spots and the still desolate streets of the centre of London.