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Messums Solo Exhibition: ‘Life in Lockdown’ & ‘The New York Series’ (online)

Peter Brown 9.30am The Studio, 2020

Exhibition Opened: May 20, 2020
Exhibition Closed: June 20, 2020
Gallery: Messums London –
28 Cork Street, London W1S 3NG

I’m delighted that Messums are hosting a new exhibition of my work on their website. There are two halves to the show: first is a collection of interiors that I’ve painted during lockdown, mostly of my studio. And by contrast, the other half is made up of plein air paintings of New York from the days when we could hop on plans and travel to exciting cosmopolitan cities with pedestrians brushing past on busy sidewalks . . .

You can view the works online now and artworks can be purchased from 27 May.

Messums have also created a ‘visual podcast’ featuring an interview with yours truly which is available on the exhibition page below.