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Please browse these online catalogues of current and previous exhibitions.

Current and forthcoming exhibitions are listed first, followed by past solo shows, then recent group shows.

Paintings of Harrogate

Exhibition Opened: 15th April 2021
Exhibition Closes: 1st May 2021
Gallery: Messums Harrogate –
4–6 James Street, Harrogate HG1 1RF
An exhibition of 21 new oil paintings of Harrogate, many painted in those two amazing snowfalls in January.

I’m delighted to say you will be able to visit the exhibition in person when Messums Harrogate reopens on 15 April and they are extending the show’s run until 1 May. (Thursday–Saturday 10–5pm)

In line with Government social distancing policies, Messums are operating a bookings system for gallery visits. Book your time slot or preview the show online now.

Hot off the Easel

Exhibition Opened: 10th December 2020
Exhibition Closes: 7th December 2021
Note: Dates are Provisional
Gallery: Hot off the Easel –
This is a sporadically growing online exhibition of paintings or sketches with no particular theme that have not been exhibited – work that I feel needs an airing.  Some are just painted and some have been found hiding in a corner of the studio.

‘A Big Year’ Solo Exhibition at Messums London

Exhibition Opened: 28th October 2020
Exhibition Closed: 28th November 2020
Gallery: Messums London –
28 Cork Street, London W1S 3NG
A Big Year‘ documented in 62 paintings the extraordinary spring and summer of 2020; The contrast set in Regents Street’s 2019 Christmas shopping – a world ignorant of the pending pandemic then moving on to the anticipation of the March Lockdown – social distancing and the quietening of the streets of London and Bath. Peter then takes us through his first lockdown experience – the interiors and garden of his Bath home with all its family life – home schooling, cooking and then out on the relaxing of lockdown to the meeting of people again in front of Bath’s Royal Crescent, The packed Beaches on the South coast along with the quieter spots and the still desolate streets of the centre of London.

Peter Brown, Autumn Morning, Sun and Rain, The Stonyhurst Geese

Stonyhurst College (Artist in Residence) Online Exhibition

Exhibition Opened: 22nd April 2020
Exhibition Closed: 22nd May 2020
Gallery: Stonyhurst College (Artist in Residence) Online Exhibition –
In 2019 and 2020 I spent two terms as Artist in Residence at Stonyhurst College in Lancashire where I completed over 30 paintings of school life in the magnificent buildings and grounds. The exhibition at the school planned during the lockdown period of 2020 could not go ahead.  Instead the exhibition was put online on the Stonyhurst website.


Solo Exhibition, Victoria Art Gallery, 2019-20

Exhibition Opened: 30th November 2019
Exhibition Closed: 2nd February 2020
Gallery: The Victoria Art Gallery –
Bridge Street, Bath BA2 4AT
Now ended, this one-man show brought together Peter’s most recent oil paintings of his home town of Bath, as well as a selection of interiors and snippets of his travels since 2017 to New York, Italy, France, Havana and Hoi An.

Broken Morning Light, the Studio, Summer 2018

Peter Brown: At Home and Abroad, 2019

Exhibition Opened: 8th May 2019
Exhibition Closed: 31st May 2019
Gallery: Messums London –
28 Cork Street, London W1S 3NG
Peter Brown’s 2019 Messums solo show consisted of 45 new paintings of his London street scenes, landscapes of East Anglia and his latest passion: the interiors of his home and studio in Bath featuring his family.


Christmas at Combe Park

On the Road

Exhibition Opened: 1st December 2018
Exhibition Closed: 2nd December 2018
Gallery: At Home –
Combe Park, Bath BA1
New York, Havana, Vietnam, India, Tuscany . . . and not so far . . . a Christmas exhibition at the artist’s home with mulled wine and mince pies.

Peter has put together an exhibition of his new work from recent travels and work from the past, opening up his studio to show work in progress, sketchbooks and give visitors some idea of how he works.

Saturday 1st and Sunday 2nd December 2018, 10am-4pm.

World Travels

Exhibition Opened: 16th September 2018
Exhibition Closed: 6th October 2018
Gallery: Brian Sinfield Gallery –
127 High Street, Burford OX18 4RE
Thirty paintings selected from Peter’s travels in the last two years: Havana, New York, Vietnam and closer to home: London and a touch of the Dorset coast. Paintings can be viewed here but to view and purchase please visit the Gallery’s website.


East Coast and London, 2017

Exhibition Opened: 6th December 2017
Exhibition Closed: 23rd December 2017
Gallery: Messums London –
28 Cork Street, London W1S 3NG
‘Peter Brown’s recent journeying in East Anglia, producing a series of new paintings from Norfolk down to Essex, has revealed a natural afinity for landscape that might surprise those more used to his well-known city scenes… The ultimate destination of Peter Brown’s journey across Norfolk, down through Suffolk and on to Essex, is London. The East Anglian paintings in the artist’s new exhibition find their ideal accompaniment in a group of his renowned street scenes, busy with fascinating social observation, and alive with sparkling light, and Brown’s characteristic rain-wet pavements.’


A Bath Painter’s Travels, 2016

Exhibition Opened: 3rd December 2016
Exhibition Closed: 19th February 2017
Gallery: The Victoria Art Gallery –
Bridge Street, Bath BA2 4AT
This is an exhibition of paintings and drawings of Peter’s travels to France, Spain, India, Ireland and closer to home: London and Glastonbury Festival based around 86 works of his adopted home city of Bath. The show includes oil paintings, charcoal drawings and works on paper.


Paintings of London, 2016

Exhibition Opened: 13th January 2016
Exhibition Closed: 12th February 2016
Gallery: Messums London –
28 Cork Street, London W1S 3NG
Peter’s largest show of London paintings to date marking the launch of his London Book. 70 paintings concentrating on Piccadilly and the Westend in sun and rain and Peter’s new passion – night. Two centre pieces of Piccadilly Circus are his largest works to date. Many of the paintings in the book feature here. View the video.

Varanasi, 2015

Exhibition Opened: 14th October 2015
Exhibition Closed: 14th November 2015
Gallery: Indar Pasricha Fine Arts –
44 Moreton Street, Pimlico, London SW1V 2PB
In February this year Pete, Ken Howard and Patrick Cullen spent just over a week painting in Varanasi. Neale Worley filmed the three of them painting in India’s holiest city and the DVD will be launched at the exhibition. Here Pete is showing 24 oils painted over those 7 days alongside the work produced by Ken, Patrick and Neale.

Postcards from Bath, 2014

Exhibition Opened: 5th December 2014
Exhibition Closed: 7th December 2014
Gallery: At Home –
Combe Park, Bath BA1
An exhibition by invitation of small oil sketches (postcards) and works on paper in the artist’s family home over a weekend in December with homemade mince pies and mulled wine.

London to Paris en Route, 2014

Exhibition Opened: 22nd October 2014
Exhibition Closed: 15th November 2014
Gallery: Messums London –
28 Cork Street, London W1S 3NG
An exhibition of around 73 canvases of London, Paris, The South Coast of England and the Brittany coast.


Keeping the Home Fires Burning, 2014

Exhibition Opened: 8th February 2014
Exhibition Closed: 27th March 2014
Gallery: The Victoria Art Gallery –
Bridge Street, Bath BA2 4AT
This is Peter’s 6th one man exhibition at the Victoria Art Gallery in his adopted home city of Bath. Painted over two and a half years the 104 exhibits consisting of oils and drawings demonstrating his enduring love of the place in which he lives.


Home and Abroad, 2013

Exhibition Opened: 20th November 2013
Exhibition Closed: 24th December 2013
Gallery: Messums London –
28 Cork Street, London W1S 3NG
An exhibition of 182 oil paintings. From the catalogue introduction written by David Mesum: Most of these are of sites throughout London and the West Country, but several also capture views of Barcelona and the Loire valley. Painted over the better part of two years, all the while making notes of his working methods, the challenges and pitfalls of working en plein-air, his routes and routines, his family life, and his various encounters with people throughout, Pete Brown’s latest collection of work give us wonderful insights into one of Britain’s most talented landscape painters.

My Indian Travels, 2013

Exhibition Opened: 8th May 2013
Exhibition Closed: 8th June 2013
Gallery: Messums London –
28 Cork Street, London W1S 3NG
In October 2012 Peter was asked by fellow painter and friend Patrick Cullen if he would like to join him and 4 others on a trip to India. Although Peter always prefers to work alone he thought he would give it a go. In February 2012 he joined his colleagues for 6 days. He found it hugely inspirational and a year later returned with 3 of the original group and 3 others this time for two weeks. Fascinated by the life of Udaipur, the ‘Lake City’ of Rajasthan, he set up in the frenetic city streets painting through the days and enjoying rooftop meals, beer and conversations with his fellow travellers at night. The three weeks he spent there chronicled in the 56 paintings and his sketch book notes culminate in this exhibition and accompanying book My Indian Travels. A further 10 oils will be shown in a group exhibition with Ken Howard, James Horton, Patrick Cullen and George devlin at the Tryon Gallery from 14th May – 31st May.


Browns Oil Sketches, 2012

Exhibition Opened: 22nd February 2012
Exhibition Closed: 10th March 2012
Gallery: Messums London –
28 Cork Street, London W1S 3NG
This show tracks a year of Peter’s painting resulting in 113 works. The majority are rapidly worked oils on board and along with the previous Bath Between the Snows exhibition they demonstrate a marked development of technique and fluency in his touch. The show was accompanied by a beautiful catalogue annotated by his thoughts and recollections of those days he did them.

catalogue-bath-between-the snows

Bath Between the Snows, 2011

Exhibition Opened: 9th April 2011
Exhibition Closed: 2nd June 2011
Gallery: The Victoria Art Gallery –
Bridge Street, Bath BA2 4AT
2010 began and ended, in Bath as in much of the country, with snow. This exhibition shows the oils, charcoals, pastels and inks Peter produced in that time still inspired by his adopted home city. It starts in snow and ends in snow and between the snow he paints the sun rain and wind but also the life in his home in Weston.


London at Work and at Play, 2010

Exhibition Opened: 6th October 2010
Exhibition Closed: 23rd October 2010
Gallery: Messums London –
28 Cork Street, London W1S 3NG
71 oils of London. These works celebrate a modern city that knows how to work hard and play hard.


Sun Rain and Snow, 2009

Exhibition Opened: 1st January 2009
Exhibition Closed: 1st January 2009
Gallery: Messums London –
28 Cork Street, London W1S 3NG
75 oils of London and Bath in the sun, rain and snow.


London, Bath and More, 2008

Exhibition Opened: 1st January 2008
Exhibition Closed: 1st January 2008
Gallery: Messums London –
28 Cork Street, London W1S 3NG
84 oils of London, Bath and that most quintessentially English of locations, the seaside holiday resort.


London and East Devon, 2007

Exhibition Opened: 14th March 2007
Exhibition Closed: 7th April 2007
Gallery: Messums London –
28 Cork Street, London W1S 3NG
84 oils of London and beyond. Includes pictures of London and some coastal paintings of East Devon

NEAC Exhibition at the Jerram Gallery, Dorset

Exhibition Opened: 14th March 2020
Exhibition Closed: 1st April 2020
Gallery: The Jerram Gallery –
Half Moon Street, Sherborne DT9 3LN
I have 7 paintings in a New English Art Club exhibition at the Jerram Gallery in Sherborne, Dorset from 14 March to 1st April. The show also features work from 14 other NEAC members. Here’s the full list of participating artists: Julian Bailey, Louise Balaam, Francis Bowyer, Peter Brown, Tom Coates, Patrick Cullen, Caroline Frood, Benjamin Hope, Mary Jackson, Pamela Kay, Peter Kuhfeld, Richard Pikesley, Sarah Spencer, Robert E Wells, Jenny Wheatley.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the current restrictions, the gallery is now closed but the exhibition can still be viewed on the Jerram Gallery website.


Rain, Lower Regent Street

NEAC Exhibition at Chris Beetles Gallery London

Exhibition Opened: 11th February 2020
Exhibition Closed: 29th February 2020
Gallery: Chris Beetles Gallery –
8 & 10 Ryder Street, St James’s, London SW1Y 6QB
Four of my classic London views (wet pavements & all) will be in an exhibition at Chris Beetles’ wonderful Mayfair gallery with work from 66 fellow NEAC members including Ken Howard, Jane Corsellis, Fred Cuming & Anthony Green. A real treat for us all, view the show online.

Peter Brown, Ella Toby Ned and Hattiei in the Studio

NEAC Annual Open Exhibition 2019

Exhibition Opened: 14th June 2019
Exhibition Closed: 22nd June 2019
Gallery: Mall Galleries –
The Mall, London SW1A 2BN
When you select paintings for the NEAC Annual Exhibition, you choose your very best as you know you will be exhibited amongst the finest figurative painters in this country today.

NEAC Annual Open Exhibition 2018

Exhibition Opened: 13th June 2018
Exhibition Closed: 24th June 2018
Gallery: Mall Galleries –
The Mall, London SW1A 2BN
When you select paintings for the NEAC Open you chose your very best as you know you will be exhibited amongst the best figurative painters in this country today. His selection includes ‘Ned Drawing on the Studio Floor’ which was awarded the ‘Critic’s Choice’ prize.

Group Exhibition, 2017

Exhibition Opened: 11th May 2017
Exhibition Closed: 3rd June 2017
Gallery: The Albany Gallery –
74b Albany Road, Cardiff CF24 3RS
Peter shows in the group exhibition at Mary Yapp’s Albany Gallery in Cardiff alongside Andrew Douglas- Forbes, Mike Jones, Euan McGregor, William Selwyn, Peter Wileman and Kyffin Williams RA.

Royal Society of Portrait Painters Annual, 2017

Exhibition Opened: 4th May 2017
Exhibition Closed: 19th May 2017
Gallery: Mall Galleries –
The Mall, London SW1A 2BN
Peter is showing 4 pictures of the children in the society’s show this year.